TFU Toy Database: the handling of Combiners


A question to everyone who is using the Transformers Toy Database on I’ve recently done a bit of redesign there, making it possible for figures to be part of not just one, but multiple combiners. Foremost example would be the Swordbots from Transformers Go!, who can combine in so many ways that individual figures may be part of up to five different combiners.

Which has led me to a bit of a problem – or question, rather – concerning the Want/Have list function on Currently combiners count as individual figures there, as I’ve gone by the leading principle of “if it’s got a name of its own, it gets its own entry”. But to get back to the example of the Transformers Go! Swordbots, it would mean that owning the seven individual figures (Optimus Exprime, the Samurai Team and the Ninja Team), who can combine into no less than eight different combiners, each of them with a name of its own, would mean that someone who owns these seven figures would end up with 15 figures on his Have-list.

I’ve come up with two possible solutions here:

  • Leave it as it is
  • Make it so that combiners don’t count in regards to the total number of figures on your list

There is also the question how to handle the checking of figures. Currently you have to check the individual combiner members AND the combiner itself to put them all on your list. Quite a few people prefer the route of just checking the combiner and not bothering with the individual members. I’ve been thinking about tweaking the site so that checking the combiner would automatically check all the members, but not only is that not that simple, it’s also not quite that simple when it combines to Combiners without fixed members or ones that have optional ones (not everyone has Legends Groove on his Combiner Wars Defensor, for example).

So basically I’m looking for input here. How would you as users prefer to see this handled in the future?